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What the heck is a caucus and why go to it?

Every two years, Iowa has caucuses, but every four years, during the presidential election, the Hawkeye State becomes a battleground of ideas, a testing ground for presidential hopefuls, as it hosts the first-in-the-nation caucuses. But what exactly are these caucuses, and why do they hold such significance?

Q&A: Holiday shopping tips

Q: What can consumers do to protect themselves from counterfeit purchases?


Overturning President Biden’s costly mandates on Iowa families, businesses and rural communities

For the last three years, the Biden administration has been defined by reckless government spending, rising prices and crushing red tape and regulations. These misguided policies have fueled inflation and harmed our economy – making life unaffordable for our families, increasing operating costs for our main street businesses and stifling investment in American jobs and manufacturing.

What is truth?

By Ray Miller — Retired pastor, but still seeking the truth

Sometimes its the minutia that reminds us it's all real

It often seems impossible to truly appreciate what went into being a newspaper reporter 80 years ago.

We here in the newsroom sometimes laugh at how the editor's of papers big and small back then seemed almost expected to battle it out on their pages with an editor at a competing publication or a lawmaker from a rival community.

Wild times.

But wordsmiths of that day also steered their mastheads through serious times when readers needed it most.

Jazzed into Christmas spirit

Most of the sold-out crowd at the Roof Garden Saturday night was already in the Christmas mood. I, unfortunately, hadn’t gotten that far yet. However, the Jazzed up Big Band got me there in outstanding fashion.

Jazzed Up plays every Tuesday night during the summer at the Roof Garden, so I was looking forward to their fifth annual Christmas show. These are outstanding musicians individually, so when you put them all together on one stage, you will hear some fantastic music.

Q&A: Put U.S. border security first

Q: Why is U.S. border security in shambles?


Completing my third biannual 36 County Tour

When I was elected to serve Iowa’s 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, I promised that I would be a strong voice for our families, farmers and rural main streets and equally transparent with and accessible to the people I represent. By officially completing my third annual 36 County Tour, I have upheld that pledge, had many invaluable discussions with Iowans and transformed our priorities and values into sound policy and legislative victories.

Happy Thanksgiving

The story of Thanksgiving is deeply rooted in themes of gratitude, forgiveness and hope. It's a tale of resilience, perseverance and the power of human connection.

Q&A: Dose of relief needed to fix pharmacy fees before the New Year

Q: How do DIR fees drive up costs for prescription drugs?


Preparing the way

By Carol DeSchepper - Spiritual director, First Lutheran Church

Listen, I hear someone is shouting, ‘Make a highway for the Lord through the wilderness. Make a straight, smooth road through the desert for our God. Fill the valleys and level the hills. Straighten out the curves and smooth off the rough spots. Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all people will see it together.’  Isaiah 40: 3-5

Through the lens of the sunscreen song

We just called it the sunscreen song, and we thought it was hilarious.

This was back in the days of Y2K, when young people like my friends and I kept a blank cassette tape handy in case we wanted to copy a favorite tune when it came on the radio or in case a new chart topper was worth capturing.

Such was the sunscreen song.

What is the greatest threat to America and our republic?

I recently received an email from someone that had some statistics that were quite startling. A poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that 71 percent of Americans believe that democracy is at risk in the United States.

Q&A: Season of Thanksgiving

Q: What's your message for Iowans this Thanksgiving Day?

Expanding behavioral health services for our farmers and rural communities

Agriculture is the economic engine of Iowa, the livelihood of farmers and their families and the lifeblood of our rural communities across the 4th Congressional District. Our producers work long hours in all types of weather conditions to grow the food and produce the fuel that our country and the world depend on. Their hard work is the reason that Iowa remains the breadbasket to the world and that our district in particular leads the nation in corn, pork, egg and biofuel production.

Celebratory high-fives are premature for Summit Carbon Solutions

Landowners targeted for eminent domain by Summit Carbon Solutions won several substantial victories in recent weeks, but the fight is far from over. Our celebratory high-fives must wait. Summit is wounded but remains a very real threat to the private property rights of thousands across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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