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Heartbeat Bill

Editor's note: A Polk County District Court Judge on Monday granted an injunction blocking the enforcement of Iowa's most recent Heartbeat Bill until the matter is resolved in court.

Heartbeat Bill passes during special session

Editor's note: A Polk County District Court Judge on Monday granted an injunction blocking the enforcement of Iowa's most recent Heartbeat Bill until the matter is resolved in court.

Q&A: Travel tips


Q: What do you advise Iowans planning international travel?

Protecting America’s status as the world’s premier military superpower


Going whole hog for pork producers


Californians who have likely never set foot on a farm and produce less than 1 percent of the nation’s pork want to dictate how Iowans raise our livestock.

In 2018, Golden-State voters approved Proposition 12, a state ballot measure that prohibits the sale of pork, eggs and veal not produced according to arbitrary production standards. Total hogwash!

How blind am I?

By Carol DeSchepper – Spiritual Director at First Lutheran in Milford


Safety first plus common sense

On the evening of July 4, I witnessed a total lack of common sense along with the breaking of safety laws. I could not believe what I was seeing!

We've been busy

Almost every time someone has asked me how I'm doing the last couple weeks, my answer has been the same.


And this week's Dickinson County News is proof of that. Not only have there been the usual ribbon cutting photos to take and press releases to proofread, there are several major community events clustering for coverage in this edition.

Let’s be honest about modern slavery

God's Children are not for sale.

I recently watched the movie called “The Sound of Freedom.” It was a stirring movie about children who are trafficked in the sex slave trade and a very sad situation that it is happening today. The saddest part of the movie was the end when the star of the show, Jim Caviezel, talked about the show. He implored people to talk about slavery and that, if each of us becomes aware of slavery, perhaps we can end this modern abomination.

Q&A: Social media


Q: Why do you embrace social media as a federal lawmaker?

Freedom from spiritual prison

By Sedar Shako - Harris-Lake Park United Methodist Church

"Listen to my cry, for I am in desperate need. Rescue me from those who pursue me. For they are too strong for me. Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name. Then the righteous will gather about me because of your goodness to me." Psalm 142: 6-7.

While I was doing the mediation on these two verses of David, I was surprised by the way King David is praying to God to deliver him.

A response to recent grievances

A previous letter writer sure had a lot of grievances, but who doesn’t? Let’s start with the forever villain, Hillary Clinton. The Clintons really are old news. The previous letter writer forgot that the “two-tiered” judicial branch, through the awkward timing of FBI investigation announcements about Hillary’s deleted e-mails, was the reason she lost one of the closest presidential elections in modern history.

The wrong message

The guest commentary by our U.S. Representative in a recent DCN represented totally misleading information which is common by most Republicans today. He cites the U.S. debt, consumer debt and low small business optimism brought about by President Biden’s policies, causing the U.S. economy to be in “tough shape.”

The push for removal of DEI in schools continues

Over the past year, Republican lawmakers in at least 12 states have offered more than 30 bills aimed at removing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in higher education that result in racism, mediocrity and segregation. This comes after a years-long push from politically and ideologically motivated organizations across the country to grow those diversity, equity and inclusion programs and practices.

Enjoying the best of Iowa summers

I enjoy spending many hours traveling throughout the Iowa countryside each year – to all 99 counties, to my family’s farm in the northwest corner of the state and to our three sons’ many activities, including baseball games.

Q&A: Senate internships

Q: What opportunities does your office have for college-age students?

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