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Q&A: Whistleblowers save taxpayer dollars

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator

Q: What prompted your decades-long support for whistleblowers?

Stop eminent domain for private gain

Eminent domain laws need to be changed at the state level. With three hazardous pipelines trying to move across Iowa, we are in desperate need to strengthen the laws. Eminent domain is intended for public utilities for the common good of the community.

These hazardous pipelines, Summit Carbon Solutions, Navigator Greenway and ADM, are all private companies looking to make big money off all taxpayers. They are all vying for federal tax dollars and carbon credits.

Simon and Garfunkel music lives on at PLAC

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

The music of Simon and Garfunkel resonates with everyone, not matter how old or young the listener. Sean Altman of Rockapella and Jack Skuller from the Song Writers Hall of Fame put on their show “Forever Simon & Garfunkel” at the Pearson Lakes Art Center last Wednesday evening.

These two talented singers/musicians are a decade apart in age, but we saw no generation gap in their performance.

Bold leadership

By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem

The United States has a lot of problems, and it will take bold leadership to get us back to even. The nation is dealing with higher crime, higher inflation and supply chain issues that are affecting everyone. Instead of concentrating on issues that don’t matter to the average Iowan, leaders at the national level need to look at these issues that will make the life of average Iowans better.

Q&A: Food inflation stokes food insecurity

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator



Q: Are you concerned about food insecurity in 2022 and beyond?

Biden’s inflation and energy costs are crushing Iowans. There’s a better way.

By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator

We see it at the grocery store. We see it at the gas pump. We see it in our electric bills every month. Inflation is crushing Iowa families and small businesses.

Dear friends of Okoboji

By Pastor Dave Simonson - Immanuel Lutheran

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mystery with a lesson in humanity at OST

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

“An Inspector Calls” is classified as a mystery. This intriguing play evolves into a lesson in human respect for one another, which we all need to reinforce today.

The play takes place in England in 1912, prior to World War I. The British aristocracy is very evident.

Finding community connections in busy times

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

There's a lot happening in the Lakes Area this month — at least that's what all the ink scribbled across my planner pages would tell me. For that matter, that's what the ink printed all across the front page tells me.

On the one hand, it's exhausting, but on the other it's exciting to be able to cover even the small number of local events I can physically make it to.

Full of pride and excited for our future

By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem

Q&A: 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator

Q: What is 988?


President Biden, America must show strength—not weakness—on the world stage

By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator


Who are you?

By Martin Lucin - Grace Lutheran Church

Luke 10:25-37

The jukebox rocked at PLAC

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

Sting Ray Anthony returned to the Pearson Lakes Art Center to entertain an enthusiastic crowd Wednesday night.

The talented guitarist and singer from Branson, Missouri, performed the Jukebox Rock show as part of his nationwide tour; bringing back many nostalgic thoughts to those in his audience who experienced the '50s and '60s and the beginnings of rock and roll.

Grassley works?


Yard signs for Senator Grassley’s re-election read “Grassley Works.” In the 2022 pivotal elections, it may be worth a critical review of his work on major issues facing America.

Global warming: Stands for no legislation.

Infrastructure: Did nothing. Finally voted for the Democratic bill in 2021.

Energy: Supported expanded ethanol use but allowed Trump Administration’s multiple exclusions to big oil.

Get real, tough

By Brad Hicks - Publisher


Cable networks went with wall-to-wall coverage of the Independence Day parade shooting in the northern Chicago suburb of Highland Park. Six people were killed and 24 injured when a 22-year-old white male opened fire from the roof of a building. If you care about the other details of the event, you likely have already read and/or heard about them and perhaps discussed them.

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