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Back to school ... with millionaires?

By Ben Unseth - Faith Lutheran Church, Spencer

Teachers make millionaires! In fact, teachers make themselves into millionaires more often than doctors do. Hey, students, it is an incredible privilege to learn from wise teachers.

What your newspaper can do: The end of a four-year project


I confess.

I broke one of my own rules.

A plea for protection from pipelines

Citizens of Dickinson County,

And now, a word from our sponsor...


In honor of the college football season kickoff, a post-game interview conducted someday perhaps, or maybe never, or maybe in the not-so distant future...

Well, Coach, it was quite a memorable day at Iowa State University’s Mid-American Energy Field at Jack Trice Stadium. What do you think was the turning point?

“I think it came there in the third quarter, when...”

“That was the third quarter brought to you by Fareway Meat and Grocery, right?”

A reminder about letters to the editor

 The Dickinson County News would like to remind readers about some of the newspaper's guidelines for accepting letters to the editor. Letters must be signed by the author — no pen names or anonymous letters. Please also include a full address — only the author's city of residence will appear in print, but staff is redoubling their efforts to verify letters are submitted from within the local community.

Lowering housing costs for American families


Seasoned Christians — 'You are the salt of the earth'



I'd wager there are few in the Lakes Area who are entirely unaware of the concerns that have been expressed to our county officials these last few weeks regarding three separate wind turbine projects proposed in Dickinson County.

Invasive species

The first I heard about it was in open session during the regular Dickinson County Board of Supervisors meeting on Aug. 8.

After another nursing home atrocity, it appears not all lives in Iowa are truly sacred


Deanna Mahoney was like countless Iowa women through the years. She nurtured three children. She worked outside the home to supplement the family income. She loved bowling and mushroom hunting. That is how she lived.

How she died tells us so much about the way some business owners, and too many government leaders in Iowa, have pushed aside their legal, moral and humanitarian obligations, especially to vulnerable Iowans.

The sorry state of the Biden economy


On metric after metric, President Biden’s economic agenda – which he has coined “Bidenomics” – has failed our families, farmers, small businesses and rural communities. His tax-and-spend policies have pushed the American Dream out of reach for too many families by eroding their paychecks and crushing their budgets under the insurmountable weight of record inflation, higher taxes and crippling debt. The economic indicators speak for themselves too.

Q&A: Iowa State Fair

Q: What do you look forward to every year at the Iowa State Fair?

Unity: The key to our future

In the words of Patrick Henry, "United we stand, divided we fall." This is a truth that has been proven time and time again throughout history. When we are united, we are strong. We can overcome any challenge. But when we are divided, we are weak. We are easy prey for our enemies.

IUB should put the brakes on the Midwest Carbon Express

North Dakota’s Public Service Commission threw a major roadblock in the path of Summit Carbon Solutions’ Midwest Carbon Express on Friday, Aug. 4, when it voted unanimously to deny the company’s hazardous CO2 pipeline permit. According to PSC Chair Randy Christmann, Summit “failed to meet its burden of proof to show that the location, construction, operation and maintenance will produce minimal adverse effects on the environment and on the citizens of North Dakota.”

Thin skin plagues some officials in Iowa

Around the time the famous movie “The Bridges of Madison County” premiered in 1995, author Robert James Waller was at a book-signing in West Des Moines. Between scribbling his signature for fans on copies of his novel, Waller answered questions from a Des Moines Register reporter. At one point, the persnickety Iowan became peeved by the nature of the reporter’s questions. He yanked the notebook from her hand and flipped it aside.

Firearms in schools

By now a good many of you have heard of the predicament at Spirit Lake Community School District and the Cherokee Community School District regarding their insurance. This has been a big topic of late in both local and national news. My take on this is that a small number of vocal people have made known their feelings on this, and that those feelings in turn have stalled out a positive decision with multiple insurance carriers for both districts.

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