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Awe to alarm to apocalypse for America

Most Americans viewed with awe the declaration of Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

A Winter Games thank you from the IGLA Chamber

On behalf of the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank so many for making our 44th Annual University of Okoboji Winter Games another success for our business community. Although the games may have felt a little different from those of the recent past, lifelong memories were made for so many individuals from near and far. Events of this scale are not possible without an army of volunteers and the continual support from our entire community.

Pre-birth child support

I filed a bill this week with several of my colleagues that would provide pre-birth child support to mothers who are carrying a father’s child. Right now, that support, for the most part, does not start until the baby is born and, as a pro-life person, I felt that the unborn child needs and deserves the support. Quite frankly, guys have been getting off the hook for too long and need to take accountability for their actions.

Work continues during week three of session

In the Senate during week three, the focus was on scheduling subcommittee meetings for discussion and public comment. The scheduling process can be quite a challenge as the other senators are also setting up their times for subcommittee, while looking ahead to meeting the first funnel deadline of Feb. 16. Hundreds of bills are packed into this three-week period. I served on and chaired a number of subcommittees.

Bills introduced:

Illegal immigrants don’t deserve a free pass at our airports

President Biden’s open-border policies have rolled out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants, drug traffickers, terrorists and foreign nationals with ties to China to unlawfully enter our country. Yet, he refuses to enforce our nation’s immigration laws and keep our families and communities safe.

Jesus changed education

By Kurt Trucksess - CrossWinds Church

Today, every school you see, whether private or public, grade school or graduate school, has its roots in Jesus and the Christian faith. While education existed before Jesus, it was only for the elite. The birth of Jesus brought education for all. Let me show you some of the ways Jesus changed education.

Control, chaos and servanthood

The quadrennial invasion of Iowa is over.

Coffee shops are drained of caffeine-fueled reporters and campaign staffers.

The free publicity that comes with serving a legendary tenderloin or the most incredible barbecue a presidential candidate will experience has skipped town to temporarily reside in another state.

Trails Talk 01-25-24


Introducing Ella Stafford


Studying AEA changes as session starts

On Monday Jan. 15 (Martin Luther King Day), Iowa held its Republican (first in the nation) caucus — the final countdown after months of events, speeches, mailings and texts. It’s a wonderful process hearing from all of the candidates as they traveled across Iowa. Over 103,000 Republicans participated in their precinct caucuses, making their voices heard in the presidential nominating process.

Permanently repealing the death tax

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work to start a small business and run a farm. From balancing the books and maintaining inventory to paying employees and complying with burdensome rules and regulations, these enterprises require long hours and real commitment to be successful and profitable.

Q&A: Romance scams

Q: What are you hearing from Iowans about romance scams?


A: The efforts of rip off artists seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of their victims are a tale as old as time. Today the internet gives con artists and criminals a digital platform to lay an anonymous trap far and wide, from identity theft to online extortion and money laundering.

Gratefulness can change things

By Perry Aalgaard - First Lutheran Church, Milford

OST preparing for Winter Games traditions

Editor's note: Doris Welle is also a seasonal staff writer for the Dickinson County News and Okobojian.

To the Editor:

Plans are in full swing for the 2024 U of O Winter Games. This is a long-standing tradition that has sparked many other traditions over the years.

I am tired of hearing all the faults

I am tired of hearing all the faults that Iowa has – truth be told, Iowa is a pretty good place to live.

Iowa has been garnering quite a reputation lately, landing the top spot in several "best state" rankings. There's a lot to love about the Hawkeye State, and here are some reasons why it's been receiving so much recognition.

Being a taxpayer watchdog isn’t just a job for the state auditor

As Iowa’s taxpayer watchdog, I hear from Iowans just about every day with concerns about state and local government. Oftentimes, there are steps my office can take to address those concerns. Other times, the next step is as simple as directing folks to the best channel in state government to address their question. Sometimes, it’s easy to also confuse misplaced priorities for misspent money—one requires a change in leadership, and the other requires an audit investigation.

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