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The tale of the Toymaker

There once was a toymaker.

But he was more than a toymaker. Call him an engineer, an architect, a designer, if you will. He created many fantastic things. He settled down to making toys, not because he couldn’t make other things, but because toys delighted him so. There were two special toys, fashioned like a boy and a girl that he designed with extra special care.

$600 now buys you a new tax form

When was the last time you spent $600? Maybe it was paying your rent through Venmo or buying a couch from a neighbor using PayPal. Well, the Biden Internal Revenue Service is now planning to monitor these minor transactions.

Q&A: Outlook on Next Farm Bill

Q: What’s in store for the new Farm Bill?


Messy Christmas...

Pastor Loveall's "Messy Christmas" has been republished several times since it first ran in the Dickinson County News, and the paper's news staff saw fit to once again share it with readers this year.

By Rev. Clint Loveall — First Presbyterian Church

Well wrought words from a past pressman

I'm finding more and more that I and one of my predecessors long-past would have probably gotten along quite well.

Concert jazzed us into the Christmas spirit

If you weren’t full of Christmas spirit by Saturday night, the Jazzed Up Big Band of Okoboji brought you there in style.

The band’s concert in the Roof Garden at Arnolds Park was everything one could hope for. Outstanding  musicians, lively music, colorful decor and a big crowd.

Q&A: ‘Tis the season for shipping and shopping

Q: What’s the outlook for this holiday shopping season?

Tackling our nation’s most pressing yet overlooked crisis

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan famously remarked that “we don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough; we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much.” Exactly 40 years later, these words still ring true as Washington’s addiction to spending has only worsened.

CO2 pipeline owners hold the line against Summit Carbon Solutions

Landowners along the route of Summit Carbon Solutions hazardous CO2 pipeline are holding the line against the company’s strong-armed attempts to pressure us for our signatures. After more than a year of working to get signed easements, Summit only has a little more than half of those needed.

Giving Tuesday: Give wisely this year

Be sure your generosity doesn’t feed someone else’s greed  

'Tis the season for giving. As the holiday months approach, many Iowans choose to show their gratitude for another year by donating to help others. 

Advent practices

By Tom Early - St. Albans Episcopal Church

With Thanksgiving now behind us, the gravitational pull of Christmas attracts us unimpeded by turkeys and jack-o-lanterns. There is now no escaping the sensory overload of the season. Nostalgic music, movies and advertisements bid us to consume our way to Dec. 25. But not the cranky priest at St. Alban’s!

Dear Editor

Editor's note: The Dickinson County News was initially concerned with the author's citing of a personal statement made to him by the late Mr. Zenor as it could not be confirmed. However, the author was able to provide a copy of an Arnolds Park Police report (see below) dated Sept. 7, 2002, which specified Zenor had been drinking at the home of Judge Nancy Whittenburg.


School safety

I have read the entire Emergency Management Plan that has been put together by the Spirit Lake School District. We should be proud of the efforts that have been put forth with the idea of doing the best to protect our kids and keep them safe through all foreseeable emergencies. It is commendable that the school board is so passionate about keeping our future generations safe.

Q&A: Celebrating Thanksgiving

Q: How is Iowa integral to Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving trimmings have a different meaning this year

Pecan or pumpkin pie? Dark or light meat? Green bean casserole or mashed potatoes? These are typically the “tough” choices Iowans are forced to make each Thanksgiving. This year’s trimmings refer to the items being cut from the menu due to rising prices.

Preparing for our savior

By Sedar Shako - Harris-Lake Park United Methodist Church

I am so glad by God’s grace to introduce my family and me to Dickson County. I am Reverend Sedar W. Shako, serving at UMC Lake Park and UMC Harris. I started on Aug. 1. My wife, Marcelline Shako, works at Polaris. We have four children, all girls. Three live with us here. Instead, the oldest is still in Africa with my mom — we hope that she can join us soon if God wills.

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