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Some thoughts from an experienced public record user

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

Not too long ago, there was a little hubbub over some talks at the county level regarding some potential charges for providing records.

Performance review: She’s still got it!

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

The incredible Marilyn Maye made her annual summer trip to Okoboji last week to entertain not one but two nights at the Pearson Lakes Art Center. The incredible part is the fact that she is 94 years old and still going strong!

Editorial cartoon: Energizer Grassley
A response to Franken's fundraising letter

Mike Franken's own character is revealed in a recent fundraising letter to supporters. He makes character assassination on our own Sen. Grassley, Iowa's longest serving U.S. Senator. Franken needs a civics lesson.

Our policies work


By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem

Iowa cattle producers deserve a fair playing field

By Randy Feenstra - U.S. Representative

Q&A: Red tape and red ink

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator

Q: What’s wrong with the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act?”

America’s leaders can and must choose proactive deterrence over reactive retreat

By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator

American strength and prosperity require our leaders to boldly stand with our friends and deter those who wish to inflict damage to our people and our homeland.


By Brad Hicks - Publisher

Oil company profits are through the roof. Natural gas prices are rapidly rising.

CBS News reported last week that Exxon Mobil had $17.85 billion in profits in the second quarter of this year. Chevron made a record $11.62 billion. Shell also broke its profit record.

Biden’s tax and spend agenda has us climbing closer to the fiscal cliff

By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator

Despite what the White House says, our economy is in a recession, and inflation is the highest it’s been in over 40 years.

Washington Democrats keep telling us not to worry and that the problem is only temporary, yet every month the mountain Americans have to climb to make ends meet keeps getting steeper and steeper.

The reason is simple – President Biden’s tax and spend agenda.

Q&A: Rising crime linked to defund the police

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator

Q: What’s contributing to the postpandemic rise in violent crime in America?

Rose, Bud, Thorn

By Father Tom Early - St. Alban's Episcopal Church

When my wife and I were involved with a young adult community in Cedar Falls called Simple Supper, our friend suggested a game called Rose, Bud, Thorn. It was an icebreaker of sorts. We each went around the table and named a good part of our day, a bad part of our day and something exciting yet to come — a rose, a thorn and a bud. This became one of our favorite parts of our time together.

Gates and walls

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

I've been thinking a lot about the words of two U.S. Senators.

One is Iowa's own U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst, who recently visited the country's southern border to see first-hand how the country monitors said border and — ideally — prevents people from illegally entering the United States.

Sen. Ernst described what she saw as horrific — and I can't deny that she's right.

A way to pray for your kids

Rev. Barb Dean, Living Word Outreach, Spencer

Two nights, two styles of music

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

The Association was a highly successful band from back in the ’60s and continues to perform today. The famous musicians were on stage at the Pearson Lakes Art Center last Wednesday evening.

I witnessed the crisis at our southern border firsthand

By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator

Late on the evening of July 14, we landed in McAllen, Texas. It was well past nightfall. Soon after touching down, we climbed into a row of vehicles and headed a few miles further south to the far edge of our nation’s border with Mexico and into the heart of what’s known as the Rio Grande Valley sector.

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