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Q&A: School violence

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator


If you’re a duck

By Gary Lambert - Light of the Lakes Church,

So, you made a deal?


General's orders

By Brad Hicks - Publisher

Election integrity

By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem


The state of Iowa is committed to protecting your vote

By Paul Pate - Secretary of State
The upcoming June 7 primary election is an excellent opportunity for Iowans to make their voices heard. I believe voting is one the most important duties we have as citizens of this great state and nation, and I encourage all eligible Iowans to participate in our elections.

Thanks for 'Good Neighbors'

PLAC gives thanks for 'good neighbors'

Citizens support Clayton

Barb Clayton is running for Dickinson County Board of Supervisors for District 2. She has done her homework by going to the Board of Supervisors meetings for over a year.

She’s fiscally responsible, fair, conservative, dynamic and believes in protecting all of our freedoms.

She would be a great asset to the board.

Patt Anderson


The answer to our country’s racial divide is not politics


By Kurt Trucksess - CrossWinds Church

Celebrate EMS Week


To the editor,


A thank you from Discovery House

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who contributed to the Good Neighbor Fund. We were able to use this very generous donation to gather the items needed to expand our abilities to serve individuals. Originally, Discovery House was able to house up to 10 individuals in the main house and Daniel House was intended to be a transitional home for up to up to seven people.

Lakes Area Hockey appreciates community support

The Lakes Area Hockey Association would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Good Neighbor Fund and those people in the community that support it for their donation. LAHA is committed to providing ice-related recreational and competitive activities for the community to enjoy through participation and spectating. This would not be possible without contributions such as this one.

Letter to the Editor,


The Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County would like to thank the Good Neighbor Fund for their grant to support programs and services relating to conservation in Dickinson County. A hearty thank you to all that donated to the Good Neighbor Fund. Your contributions will help fund conservation programs at the Dickinson County Nature Center.

Thank you again,

Michael McFarlin

Already, but not yet


Pastor Perry Aalgaard - First Lutheran Church, Milford Iowa

Governor signs long-sought law on public record fees

By Randy Evans - Executive Director - Iowa Freedom of Information Council

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law Monday a bill that has been on the Iowa Newspaper Association’s “wish list” since 2018.

SF 2322 makes important changes in Iowa’s public records law that relate to the fees state and local government officials can charge for copies of their records.

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