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Q&A: Reining in unbridled Big Tech

Q: How would your bipartisan American Innovation and Choice Online Act reform Big Tech platforms?

At long last, America’s heroes of World War II—the Army Rangers—will receive the honor they deserve

It was more than 80 years ago when a young man, still a student at East High School in Des Moines and a member of the Class of 1940, enlisted in the Iowa National Guard. It was the beginning of a 26-year military career that would span three wars and include the participation in some of the most consequential battles in modern history.

Your king is coming

By Gwen Dressel - Christian Family Worship Center

Matthew 21: 1-17

The stage is set. The curtain rises. The last act of the drama unfolds. Here comes Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. There were about 2.5 million people there. This was the beginning of Passover week. Garments were spread on teh streets, palm leaves fanned the air as they were waved back and forth as people shouted "Hosanna."

Reconsidering our true potential


When I first began my admittedly (so far) brief career in journalism, it was in the shadow of a county-level primary election. Back then, I hardly could care about politics, to the point I wrote a column titled "Political atheist."

Terril Memorial Day program

Thank you for your coverage of Memorial Day observances. You mentioned that programs were held in Spirit Lake, Lake Park and Milford. Terril is also in Dickinson County, and the Walsh Legion Post #432 at Terril hosted a fine Memorial Day program May 30, held at the Memorial Building in Terril. After singing the national anthem and recognizing each branch of the military with their song, Commander Jim Nygaard introduced the speaker, Allen Batschelet.

Q&A: Stop sticker shock at the pharmacy counter

Q: What are Pharmacy Benefit Managers and why are you working to reform how they operate?


Biden’s charging taxpayers to babysit unused border wall materials. Why not just build it?

As Iowans know, unearthing egregious waste in our federal government, and making ‘em squeal, is something that’s a priority for me. And in Washington, D.C., there’s no shortage of politicians and bureaucrats wasting our precious tax dollars on crony and ridiculous projects that are truly hard to fathom (a taxpayer-funded study that put turtles on a treadmill comes to mind).

The power of prayer

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Really?
There's nothing too big or difficult for God to overcome, but the important part is that you believe He can do it.

This space intentionally left blank

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

Just kidding. We'd never leave the opinion page blank — though we did once leave the front of the sports section blank to make a point (see out Jan. 5, 2022, edition).

The idea then was to try and exemplify the important role of a local newspaper, and by extension, encourage support of it.

In short, we inform.

Where is American society headed?


Supply chain issues

By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem


The Rowley Report

By Dave Rowley - State Senator


Q&A: School violence

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator


If you’re a duck

By Gary Lambert - Light of the Lakes Church,

So, you made a deal?


General's orders

By Brad Hicks - Publisher

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