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Letter to the Editor

I am Colleen Lemkuil from Spirit Lake. I moved here from Indianola. I have two children who graduated from Indianola High School. They went to college at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. They live in Tokyo, Japan, and Portland, Oregon. I have three grandsons.

California vote should give Iowa pause on CO2 pipeline permits

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

I saw a headline the other day.

Word is the California Air Resources Board voted to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. Now, normally I'd agree that our northwest Iowa who-cares-what-they're-doing-in-California mentality would appropriately apply here, but if we zoom out on the scenario just a little bit, we'll see that this decision has implications for something else that's coming down the pipeline.

Then and now: Reflections on headlines

By Doris Welle - Staff Writer


A nice and conscientious lady from Spencer found a couple of interesting newspapers when she was cleaning out and downsizing before moving to smaller living accommodations. The two newspapers she brought to us were very interesting.

Q&A: Canceling Student Debt

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator

Q: What’s your view on the Biden administration’s move to cancel student debt?

Pray for your church

By Clint Loveall - First Presbyterian Church

Come Thursday

By Seth Boyes - News Editor


Come Thursday, I'll be the parent of a public school student for the first time in my life.

The thing I was most worried about was the drop-off lane, but not anymore.

My decades-old frame of mind was bent and then completely broken Monday night by a 4-0 vote from the Spirit Lake School Board. But it just goes to show that times really are a-changin' and I'm not as young as I was.

Buckinghams make triumphant return

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

The Buckinghams have played here before. Sometimes when that happens, the return is not as good as the first. The Buckinghams’ return to the Lauridsen Performing Arts Theatre was more than just a little better. They came and gave a really good, fun show.

Beating hearts, bleeding checkbooks

By Brad Hicks - Publisher

Q&A: Beefing up IRS

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator


Community efforts can have global impact

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

Two weeks ago, organizers with The Lakes Project sat in our front office and told me about the group's efforts to respond to the crisis in Ukraine by helping feed refugees who have fled the country.

A couple of days later, I shared the article which came from that interview on my personal social media pages, saying the follow up coverage of the upcoming meal-assembly would likely make for a great visual.

Playboys and the Devil hit PLAC stage

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

The ‘Diamond Ring and the Devil Tour’ made a stop in Okoboji to perform at the Pearson Lakes Art Center on Wednesday night.

On the other hand

By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem

Last week, I wrote a message saying that conservative principles work, and I offered examples of how and what has been working to make Iowa one of the best states in the nation. I didn’t offer examples of the things that do not work on the other side of the aisle, because I didn’t really feel like it was pertinent.

Q&A: Iowa State Fair

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator

Q: What’s in store for fair-goers at the Iowa State Fair?

Some thoughts from an experienced public record user

By Seth Boyes - News Editor

Not too long ago, there was a little hubbub over some talks at the county level regarding some potential charges for providing records.

Performance review: She’s still got it!

By Doris Welle - Performance Reviewer

The incredible Marilyn Maye made her annual summer trip to Okoboji last week to entertain not one but two nights at the Pearson Lakes Art Center. The incredible part is the fact that she is 94 years old and still going strong!

Editorial cartoon: Energizer Grassley

A recent letter to the editor inspired this particular cartoon.

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