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Wind turbines - give me a break

Every week I read letters by someone who has an argument against wind turbines. Last week's letter extolling the view of the east side of East Lake Okoboji went over the top.

Apparently that person has never looked to the southeast from their place and seen the magnificent view of a huge condominium complex or driven across the bridge south of your place and looked to the west at the backside of an ugly condo project.

Why are the turbine corporations drafting Dickinson County’s zoning ordinances?

The existing wind turbine ordinance contains a list of general standards for the Board of Adjustment to consider, such as whether the industrial turbine development would be detrimental to the public health, safety or general welfare of the county and whether the development would be injurious to the use and enjoyment of other property or diminish property values.

Zoning ordinances should be every resident's concern

Last summer, the Dickinson County Planning and Zoning Commission voted to form a committee to review the county’s industrial wind turbine ordinances. Now, the P&Z and Board of Supervisors are in the process of revising those ordinances. But wait! The county is not just revising its turbine ordinances – somewhere along the way, the county snuck in changes to the entire conditional use permit standards that would apply to any conditional use application, not just turbines.

Iowa's government

In Iowa, we have had one party in charge of the state government for eight years. During that time, I have heard many people state that Iowa is poorly run and that we, in the majority party, are ruining this state.

Senate sifts through bills during second funnel

The second funnel week’s purpose is basically the same as the first funnel week, but this time around, the Senate is working with House bills, as opposed to Senate bills. This week’s schedule was focused on committee work as the Senate held debate on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday several subcommittee meetings were held along with standing committees to round out the week.

Q&A: Sunshine Week

Q: What is the Freedom of Information Act?

Holding illegal immigrants accountable for their crimes

Last month, the country learned the tragic news that 22-year-old Laken Riley – a nursing student from Georgia – was murdered by an illegal immigrant while out on a jog in broad daylight. As a father of four, my heart breaks for the friends and family of Laken who are enduring unimaginable pain right now. As an American, I am outraged that President Biden refuses to secure our border and keep our communities safe.

'Father, forgive them'

By Paul Dare - Spirit Lake Immanuel Lutheran Church

Red lights over Okoboji

Dear Editor,

House Republicans approve detailed history and civics standards for K-12

In 2021 the Fordham Institute released, The State of State Standards for Civics and U.S. History. The report evaluated the quality, completeness and rigor of K–12 civics and U.S. History standards.

First bill's heading to governor's desk

This week opened up with showcasing how unique Iowa weather is. From our home in District 5 all the way to Des Moines, Tuesday brought in record setting temperatures, some registering at 78 degrees, while on Wednesday we had near-zero numbers with scattered flurries.

Q&A: Farm Bill update

Q: Will Congress renew the Farm Bill this year?

Sounding the alarm over our growing agricultural trade deficit

Agriculture is the economic engine of Iowa. When our farmers and producers are successful, our economy grows, our main streets thrive, our businesses invest in new employees and finance expansions and our rural communities grow stronger. As is obvious from our endless fields of corn and soybeans and our countless hog, cattle and poultry operations, we grow and raise more than we can consume and sell in Iowa – or even our country.

Prone to wander…and that’s okay


Trails Talk 02-29-24


At the beginning of each year, the DCTB takes time to visit our partner cities and provide updates on what the previous year’s trail activities involved. We are fortunate to be a part of a very supportive community of donors and local foundations along with the cities and county that make our success possible.

Power players in Iowa Senate are aiding and abetting

The Iowa legislature is considering a bill designed to combat "organized retail theft" of property from stores. Lawmakers supporting the measure said they wanted to deter looting, which has happened in some U.S. cities.

Iowans are appalled by videos showing mobs of looters ransacking stores while owners look on helplessly and law enforcement fails to intervene, neutered by orders to stand down. We naively think such lawlessness cannot happen here – but it can – and it is.

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