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Opportunities for Milford

Editor's note: The Milford Airport Commission postponed the Oct. 24 public hearing. City staff informed the public of the postponement the morning of Oct. 19, after Mr. Cook's Letter to the Editor was sent to press.


The future of the city of Milford needs growth.

Will extending the airport hangar leases from two years to 15 years create new opportunities and bring the economic growth our city needs?

I'm a Republican

To the Editor,

I'm a Republican because:

• Good government is government by the people
• Good governments is based on each person's ability, dignity and freedom being honored
• I believe in equal rights and freedom for all
• We must retain the principles of our forefathers
• We must preserve national strength and pride for peace and freedom, and at the same time share with people everywhere the desire for human rights throughout the world

Revenue Estimate Committee

We are over-collecting your hard earned tax dollars. We have to remember that government revenue is not government money but your money, and we are taking more of it than we need to pay the bills and address your priority issues. I believe that a well run government doesn't need to collect more taxes.  It sends those dollars back to you so that you can grow and expand, and that is the real growth of the middle class and the overall economy.

Q&A: What you need to know to vote


Q: What’s your message to Iowans as Election Day approaches?


Let’s defund EcoHealth

The shady organization that funneled U.S. tax dollars into China’s state-run Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct risky research on coronaviruses collected from bats is once again being paid by the National Institutes of Health to experiment on bats.


By Gary Olson - retired pastor


Jude is a one-page letter in the Bible — the last book before Revelation.

Many may not remember that Jude, according to my Zondervan Handbook of the Bible, is a younger brother of Jesus and James. Jude writes to warn his readers of the false teaching that have crept in and created division within the body of Christ.

September Revenues are up — again


State tax revenue collections for the month of September were strong, as all three major revenue categories experienced strong growth according to the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency.

Q&A: Medicare open enrollment


Q: What do Iowans need to know about Medicare open enrollment?

The gold standard in Iowa: all 99 counties, every year


There’s no doubt that Iowans know what’s best for Iowa. So, when I first took office, I knew there was no better way to hear from my constituents than to visit every county, every year.

AI offers cautionary tales and encouraging thoughts


I've watched as many cautionary tales about artificial intelligence as the next guy, but I have to say I was very intrigued by DALL-E — an art-generating system which development company OpenAI made available to the general public last week.

Veterans sought for upcoming Honor Flights

The Brushy Creek Honor Flight Committee is looking for veterans who have served in the armed forces between December 7, 1941, and April 30, 1975. Any veteran who was discharged under honorable conditions and who has served within these dates is eligible to participate in the next Honor Flight on May 10, 2023, or later in the fall.

Grassley is out-of-step

Current TV for Sen. Chuck Grassley ads are misleading and untruthfully distorting Michael Franken's (and Democrats') stances on taxation and economic issues. So, what are Grassley’s priorities? If you go to his website, he proposes no tax on earned interest up to $300, no tax on dividends or capital gains, demanding “transparency” for large food and drug conglomerates, expand tax deferred savings and suing OPEC while expanding use of 15 percent ethanol.

Domestic violence is an epidemic in Iowa

Before you finish reading this, 20 people in the United States will be abused by an intimate partner. That is how prevalent domestic violence is in our country. It’s an epidemic, and it’s happening here in Iowa.

Q&A: Stop subsidizing foreign investments of U.S. farmland

Q: What is the Farm Credit for Americans Act?


The ultimate beneficiary of U.S. taxpayer-funded small business research is China. I’m ending that right now.

Washington is spending billions of your tax dollars every year to hypothetically achieve technological dominance over Communist China, but the ultimate beneficiary of that effort may just be the CCP. That is the shocking conclusion of a Department of Defense review that found China was stealing technology developed in the U.S. by exploiting the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

Use your time wisely

By Jennifer Hesebeck – Excelsior UMC and Faith Community Church

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