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Updated Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Dashboards Indicate Measurable Water Quality Progress

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship issued a press release in which IDALS, Iowa State University and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the three principals of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, jointly announced the online dashboards that report the results of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy have been updated to reflect the latest reporting period. 

Highlights from the Updated Dashboards:

Iowa's water quality progress continues to accelerate

It may be an understatement, but these past few years have provided some unique challenges. Yet, despite supply chain disruptions, inflation and unpredictable weather, we continue to see record engagement in our state’s conservation activity. The increased level of awareness and resources, coupled with an expanding list of public and private partnerships, has led to the adoption of more conservation practices now than at any time in our state’s history.

Q&A: Protecting taxpayers and military readiness

Q: What motivates your decades-long mission as a Pentagon watchdog?

No spiritual vacations

By Jennifer Hesebeck - Excelsior UMC and Faith Community Church, Milford


John the Baptist was commissioned by the Lord to prepare the way for the coming of Christ. He spent his life in the desert being mentored and trained by God for his hour of fulfilling his kingdom calling. Before any great work can be done, preparations must be made.

Q&A: Take stock of mental health

Q: What are your most recent efforts in Congress to strengthen access to mental health care?

A: American society continues making strides to reduce the stigma long associated with mental illness. We have more work to do to raise awareness and expand access to behavioral health care services so people with mental health conditions can get treatment and get on the road to recovery.

Our debt crisis threatens our economic security

Our nation is more than $31.4 trillion in debt. It is a figure so daunting that it seems almost insurmountable to resolve. To put this number into perspective, every American taxpayer — already facing record-high inflation, skyrocketing interest rates and economic instability — is on the hook for nearly $95,000 in federal debt. Our current fiscal trajectory is unsustainable and financially irresponsible.

Honor the patriots

Throughout the weekend, all across our state, Iowans came together to place small American flags in the grass along memorial sites and roadways to honor our fallen military heroes — patriots.

It’s slow work—a minor sacrifice of time and comfort in recognition of the massive sacrifices we can never repay.

Hey, I have chosen you

Gary Lambert — Light of the Lakes Friends


The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in Sackett vs. EPA, which prompted no less than four emails from Iowa's elected officials to arrive in my inbox — and a fifth from the president of the Farm Bureau — over a span of less than three hours. More or less, many in Des Moines are excited about the decision, because they feel the ruling benefits Iowa's farmers by protecting them from what they feel is federal overreach in the form of the Waters of the Unites States – or WOTUS – rule.

The job did get done, Paul

I couldn't help but think a little bit about former Dickinson County Supervisor Paul Johnson last week while touring the new Career Academy on the Spirit Lake campus of Iowa Lakes Community College.

Dear Editor

The businesses continuing to support the former disgraced president are costing themselves a pile of money. Normal people find the flags disgusting, especially after the man tried to overthrow our government on Jan. 6. I never do business with those silly, gullible and easily-conned establishments, and I don't know anyone that does.

Mark Johnson
Rural Milford

Q&A: National Police Week

Q: What is National Police Week?

Standing with our men and women in blue

In Iowa, we respect our police and proudly back the men and women in blue 100 percent. They put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and communities expecting no recognition in return. Despite calls from some of my colleagues to dismantle our police departments and demolish the rule of law, I reject these dangerous proposals. We must defend – never defund – our brave police and law enforcement officers.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak

By Kurt Trucksess - CrossWinds Church


We are a society of talkers. The average person speaks 20,000 words a day. When we add in our postings on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms — where we have a potential audience of hundreds to thousands — it is obvious that we are a society that likes to talk.

It's time we talk

There are a lot of metaphors out there to describe just what the role of a good newspaper is.

Mental Health Month

Did you wake up feeling tired even though you had slept and would normally feel rested? Have you found yourself more easily irritated, overwhelmed, trying to find the fun again in your previously enjoyed interests? Are you struggling with other people in your life, arguing, feeling unfulfilled, having frequent bouts of loneliness or wishing your life was different and better?

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