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Work continues during short week at Capitol

By Dave Rowley - State Senator


This was a very short week in Des Moines. We had debate on Monday on several bills, then gaveled out of session for the day. No debate was scheduled for the rest of this week. As legislators, we return to our citizen jobs until called to return to the Capitol. For the time being, a quick recap for my readers. The following bills were brought to the floor and passed:

Constitutional crisis in the courts

By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem


Q&A: Student loan debt


Putin’s war threatens global food security


Broad strokes miss important details

By Seth Boyes - News Editor


Our community — as well as those beyond it, I suppose — were offered a query the other week, which one of our state legislators feels is capable of clearly separating education from indoctrination in Iowa schools.

Brothers' keepers


By Brad Hicks - Publisher

Q&A: May is National Beef Month

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator
Q: What’s your beef with the meatpacking industry in America?

Bidenflation is crushing Iowans

By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator

Cherish Center Receives Support from The Good Neighbor Fund




Practice resurrection


By Rev. Deb Mechler

Indoctrination in Iowa


By John Wills - Speaker Pro Tem

Biden’s border crisis is historic, for all the wrong reasons


By Joni Ernst - U.S. Senator

Q&A: Veterans Honor Flights

By Chuck Grassley - U.S. Senator
Q: What are Veterans Honor Flights?

Letter to the Editor: Thank you to the Good Neighbor Fund

I wish to extend a sincere thank you to the Good Neighbor Fund and its generous local supporters for the 2021 grant awarded to Atlas of the Lakes Area. We are dependent upon such financial gifts and the support of individuals across the community to be able to provide assistance and mentoring help to area residents experiencing life crisis situations. We are truly grateful for community support for the ministry.
Dave Butterworth
Spirit Lake

Some thoughts from a teacher's son

By Seth Boyes - News Editor


The Janitor Problem — the false perception that, because a school building is clean and litter-free each morning, it collects neither dirt nor trash during any given day.

Don't bother typing the phrase into Google or dusting off that old copy of Webster's. You won't find it.

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