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Where do they come up with my property tax bill?


Did you know your assessed value is not your taxable value? The various taxing jurisdictions apply tax rates to your taxable value, not your assessed value. Your assessed value is just the market value of your home. What is the taxable value? Taxable value is the part of your assessed value that is taxable. Just like not all of your income is taxable, not all of your house is taxable.

When the going gets tough

By Martin Lucin - Grace Lutheran Church

The future has always been uncertain, hasn’t it? That has been true for every generation of humanity. It is a topic for discussion that Jesus takes up frequently and one that he addresses with the utmost seriousness.

We certainly have our uncertainties as a society, don’t we? Can you afford to retire? What is the stock market up to anyway?

Critical messages need space to be understood

I suppose one could call it performance art.

Climate protesters threw a can of soup on a Van Gogh last month, according to the Associated Press.

Others threw mashed potatoes on a Monet a couple weeks later.

Local composers perform at PLAC

When you like to entertain audiences with your musicals skills but also want to share your thoughts, you become a composer as well as performer. That is what the trio on stage at the Pearson Lakes Art Center shared with an audience last week.

The show was called “Iowa Roots Round” and was performed by Chad Elliott, Ryne Doughty and Kathryn Fox.

Randy’s Review: ‘Black Adam’

Johnson’s passion project misses mark

I admit, I had really high hopes for a little DC redemption as Dwayne Johnson’s passion project “Black Adam” hit the big screen. Despite the blockbuster star’s best efforts and his amazing, and undeniable charisma, this superhero tale doesn’t quite live up to the hype. My disappointment comes from the fact that the idea of the anti-hero could have worked.

Fall care of perennials

By Melinda Myers

As you transition your gardens from fall to winter, you may be contemplating a bit of garden clean up. Before reaching for the pruners and rakes, consider all the benefits and beauty of leaving healthy perennials stand for winter.

Commanded gratitude or created gratitude?

By Brian Jack - First Lutheran Church

You can endorse your candidate, just not on the opinion page

I've said in the past that one of the last actual editorials the Dickinson County News published was a piece from September of 2003, which supported funding the construction of the current county courthouse. But, as so often happens with newspapers, you learn something new every day. I came across another while browsing some archives recently — this one from mid-October of 2003.

I want candy

The USDA recently announced it provided $800 million to assist farmers who were struggling to pay their federal farm loans. The USDA's statement said 11,000 farmers had their accounts brought current by the funds, and the USDA also paid went ahead and paid the next annual installment for direct loan borrowers.

Summit isn’t listening, doesn’t care and isn’t here for us

In a barrage of three-page ads found in newspapers across the state, Summit Carbon Solutions tells Iowans it cares, it’s listening and it’s here for us. Designed to tug at our heartstrings with reassuring verbiage and photos of down-home farm folk dressed in obligatory plaid shirts, the ads target thousands of landowners, such as myself, who refuse to sign voluntary easements with the hazardous CO2 pipeline company. After more than a year of land agent visits, emails, phone calls, letters, me

Is seniority really a voting attribute?

Senator Grassley emphasizes his seniority and perfect attendance as prime benefits for his re-election. Really? One would assume these attributes perpetuate legislative success in meeting the nation’s problems or opportunities. In his case it has led to court-packing which has diminished woman’s rights and fair voting laws while increasing corporate monetary influence on elections.

CARES says thank you

Community Advocates Ready to Empower Survivors would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following businesses and individuals for their generous sponsorships and donations for our CARES Carnival held on Oct. 1. Our wonderful donors and volunteers made it a successful event. More than 240 people attended, and we were able to raise funds for the Family Crisis Centers and the Centers Against Abuse and Sexual Assault.

Firearms rights on the ballot in November

Iowa is one of only six states without a state constitutional amendment protecting firearms rights. On Nov. 8, Iowans will have the opportunity to vote on a new amendment for the state of Iowa’s constitution. One that strengthens the right to keep and bear arms for law abiding Iowans have the right to keep and bear arms. The language in the proposed amendment is like the language found in the United States Constitution. It reads as follows:

Q&A: Salute to Iowa manufacturing

Q: How important is manufacturing to the Iowa economy?

Don’t live a convictionless life


I’m sure you’ve heard the line, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” or at least some variation of that.

Patsy sounds fill the Lauridsen Theatre air

Katie Deal came to the Pearson Lakes Art Center Oct. 11 to sing and tell life stories about the singing legend Patsy Cline during a show she calls “Crazy for Patsy Cline.”

Deal came on stage in a very pretty red and white cowgirl dress with all the fringes — plus an appropriate wig to mimic Patsy’s hairstyle — and began telling stories and singing Cline classics we all know and will always remember.

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