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When my wife dies, will I hear her voice again?


Kurt Trucksess - CrossWinds Church

Supporting our police, law enforcement, and border patrol agents

From May 12 to 18, we celebrated National Police Week in honor of our police and law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep our families and communities safe. These men and women are heroes who deserve our deepest appreciation and strongest support for their commitment to protect and serve Iowans.

Q&A: Thank our local police


Q: What is National Police Week?

Q&A: Holocaust Remembrance Day, never forget

Q: What’s the Antisemitism Awareness Act?

Delivering results is my promise to Iowa

From our wide-open border to our struggling economy, our country is in crisis under the Biden administration. Since President Biden took office, cumulative inflation has exceeded 19 percent, gas prices have risen, known terrorists and millions of illegal immigrants have unlawfully crossed our border and drug traffickers have snuck through the cracks and flooded our communities with deadly Chinese-manufactured fentanyl.

Ponderings of Pentecost

By Pastor Perry Aalgaard - First Lutheran Church, Milford

Farewell — my notebook is full

My notebook is full.

My pen has run dry.

The S key on my keyboard sticks sometimes.

It's getting worn out — and after eight years at a news desk, I'm not surprised. Things don't last forever, you know.

Keyboards. Shoes…even editors.

No, Gov. Reynolds, trans people are not marginalizing anyone

In 2018, my best friend was dragged out of a school bathroom by a group of male students, barring him from entering. For the rest of his time at the school, he says he had to use the bathroom in the administrative office.

The reason?

He was trying to use the restroom.

Improving weather radar and communications

The powerful tornadoes that struck parts of Southwest Iowa were devastating, especially for communities in Pottawattamie County and Shelby County that bore the brunt of the destruction. According to some reports, there were roughly 24 tornadoes that touched down in Iowa with winds reaching as high as 165 mph. Our prayers remain with those impacted as we work to rebuild.  

Q&A: Botched FAFSA roll-out

Q: What went wrong with the updated federal financial aid application?

'Guard what your tongue says'

Pam Dressel - Christian Family Worship Center

What is the most important thing you have ever said in your life?

When you confessed that Jesus Christ was your Lord and Savior.

Your life changes drastically when you say it. You were no longer heading towards an eternity without Christ, but now you are heading toward eternity with Christ as your Lord.

End of session highlights

The Iowa Senate passed resolution SCR 101 (Sine Die) and recessed at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning on April 20, 2024. After a full week of debate, the Senate concluded the 2024 session of Iowa’s 90th General Assembly. Some highlights this session:

Q&A: Keeping kids safe from harm

Q: How are you working to help at-risk kids grow up in safe homes?


Lowering the cost of childcare for our families

On my 36 County Tour, I have met with families, small business owners, and childcare providers who are rightfully concerned about the skyrocketing cost of childcare. As a father of four, I agree that we need real solutions to lower costs for our families, especially as inflation eats away at paychecks and gas prices are on the rise.

Q&A: IRS oversight protects taxpayers

Q: How is the IRS measuring up in service to the American taxpayer?


Fenceposts and headstones

I took a drive the other day to an old rural cemetery — the kind that sits just outside a city of 500 people.

You see, in the nine years we've called Dickinson County home, I had yet to travel the 60 miles to visit my grandparents' gravesite. So I made the trek, rather than look back on the alternative years from now with regret.

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