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My trip to Israel

Last month, I traveled to Israel to meet with government officials about the ongoing war. We walked the Kibbutzes where innocent Israelis were murdered, raped, beheaded, and tortured by Hamas terrorists and learned more of the horrifying details about the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust. We saw firsthand the food, water, medical supplies, and other aid that Israel is actively delivering to civilians in Palestine despite unfounded outcry from Hamas apologists.

Q&A: Border Policies Put Kids in Harm's Way

Q: What prompted your oversight of the Biden administration’s handling of unaccompanied children who have arrived at the border alone?

Thanks to Spirit Lake sand bag warriors

Many thanks go out to the Spirit Lake Community School staff for their quick and cheerful response in providing sandbags to our harbor neighborhood and to other area neighborhoods, I am certain as well.

Puckett’s still got it!

Gary Puckett & the Union Gap returned to the Lakes Area to perform twice at the Pearson Lakes Art Center last week.

The first show was sold out and there were only three empty seats on the second night.

Helping small businesses offer paid family and medical leave to their employees

When a family welcomes a newborn into the world or a medical condition leaves someone unable to work, it’s important that employees of businesses both large and small have access to paid family and medical leave.

Q&A: Flood recovery resources

Q: What federal resources are available for communities impacted by historic flooding?

Where is God?

Carol DeSchepper — First Lutheran Church

Where is God in life’s storms? Where has God been? He felt very present when we received welcome early rains that brought optimism for plentiful crops. The thirsty earth drank in the rains and gave us hope. But when the rains continued and the floods came, some may have begun to feel like God must be on vacation.

Recovering and rebuilding together

Our communities have faced – and continue to experience – catastrophic flooding that has devastated homes, farms, businesses, schools, and hospitals. Families have lost cherished possessions, businesses face costly cleanup, and farmers have lost crops. However, despite this challenging time for our district, Iowans are resilient. Neighbors are stepping up to help neighbors, farmers are deploying their payloaders to haul away debris, and communities are coming together to recover and rebuild.

Celebrating community commitment this Fourth of July

Dear Editor,

As the Postmaster of Spirit Lake, I am writing to express the unwavering commitment of our postal staff to serving our wonderful community. With the Fourth of July approaching, a time when we celebrate our nation's independence and the freedoms we cherish, it is also a fitting moment to reflect on the values that bind us together.

Return to MAGA — Really?

Trump Republicans claim key issues to address in the next presidential election are border security and inflation by returning to MAGA.

Since Trump led Republican leaders to abandon the bi-partisan border bill earlier this year proved there is no real party interest in the border issue. So, was the former MAGA Administration good for inflation and the economy? Perhaps a review would be in order.

Our debt crisis is ticking time bomb

On June 18, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) – the government agency tasked with monitoring our nation’s fiscal health – confirmed my serious concerns with President Biden’s reckless spending agenda. His administration’s fiscal policies have not only caused cumulative inflation to skyrocket by over 20% since he took office, but they have also accelerated our accumulation of debt to levels that are beyond unsustainable.

Q&A: Aviation safety must come first

Q: Why did you launch a congressional inquiry into the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing?

Thank you to the Good Neighbor Fund

On behalf of the Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County, I would like to express sincere gratitude to the Good Neighbor Fund for the generous donation of $2,477.74. The funds will be used to acquire two additional outdoor musical butterfly instruments, making a total set of four, at the Dickinson County Nature Center. This installment will provide a lasting artistic and educational exhibit, within the classroom of the outdoors at Kenue Park.

Where will you be?

When President Biden says he wants to forgive student loans, that's not what is going on. What's really happening is he's using your tax dollars to pay for those loans, as a way to buy votes. Tax dollars that are supposed to be used to run the country, not pad the voting booth. When I was growing up, we were taught to pay for what we wanted that was called being responsible. Apparently Biden has lost sight of that value.

Quite a ‘Commotion’ at PLAC

The show at the Pearson Lakes Art Center last Tuesday caused quite the ‘commotion’ —  the band’s name is Commotion, which is very appropriate, for they had the place rocking from beginning to end.

Holding ourselves accountable in God

By Paul Dare — Spirit Lake Immanuel Lutheran Church

Every single person on earth has made them. You started making them as children, annoying your parents when doing so. More often than not, when you make them, you hurt yourself. And yet, you keep making them. Sometimes you make them out loud. Other times you make them silently in your head. My personal favorite is, “I would lose weight, but I hate losing.” What am I talking about? Excuses.

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