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House Republicans continue to support teachers

A top priority for Republicans in the Legislature this year was raising teacher pay. House Republicans insisted that paraprofessionals in schools also be included in that pay raise. Which makes it perplexing why some, hoping to gain a political advantage, have attempted to put Republican legislators in a bad light by claiming that they have been “mean-spirited” towards teachers and the public education system. Well, facts are stubborn things, and the facts tell a different story.

Q&A: Avian Flu

Q: How is the federal government responding to recent outbreaks of avian flu?

Advocating for Iowa families and taxpayers in Congress

Our economy is in tough shape. Cumulative inflation has skyrocketed by nearly 20% since President Biden took office while real wages have fallen by roughly 4.4%. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that the economy grew at a rate of only 1.3% in the first quarter of 2024 – three points lower than predicted – while interest rates have surpassed their highest levels in 23 years.

Trump Trial = Jesus Trial…Really?

By Brian Jack — First Lutheran

There’s a comparison being floated that former President Donald Trump’s "hush money" trial was like Jesus’ trial. Jesus endured a “sham” trial and was crucified. The comparison has it that the same is happening to Trump. The comparison goes on to encourage that if you can still follow Jesus after His trial and crucifixion you can still follow Trump after his trial and “crucifixion”.

Q&A: Disaster recovery

Q: Is Iowa having an unusual start to severe weather season?

Securing Victories for Iowa Agriculture in the Farm Bill

In the early morning hours of Friday, May 24, after nearly 14 hours of deliberation, I voted — alongside my Republican colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee — to advance the 2024 Farm Bill out of committee and send it to the House Floor for a vote by the full Congress. This legislation is not only critical for our farmers and our economy, but it’s also vital to our global leadership and our competition against China.

Q&A: Memorial Day matters

Q: When did the United States begin observing Memorial Day?

Loose standards in turbine ordinance may be illegal

On May 14 the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors voted to approve amendments to article 21 of the zoning ordinance. These changes plainly violate the laws of Iowa and greatly loosen standards for constructing wind turbines.

Iowa Code 335.5 specifies regulations for county zoning:

Dickinson County should support the people, not corporate

As a vacationer during the Iowa Great Lakes Bible Conference week, I've been captivated by the area's quaint charm and natural beauty. However, I'm deeply concerned about the proposed 200+ wind turbine project and its potential impact on this region. Across the country, similar projects have proven problematic, prompting many localities to dismantle existing turbines and grapple with the consequences of past decisions.

BAT wowed crowd at PLAC

Where can you enjoy an evening singing along with a crowd? Where can you participate in music history trivia? The answer is the BAT show at the Pearson Lakes Art Center.

Trails Talk 05-30-24

Spirit Lake 4th graders get ready to roll


Spirit Lake fourth-graders, along with several volunteers, spent the last day of school on May 17 participating in the 10th annual BRAWL (Bike Ride Along West Lake).

When my wife dies, will I hear her voice again?


Kurt Trucksess - CrossWinds Church

Supporting our police, law enforcement, and border patrol agents

From May 12 to 18, we celebrated National Police Week in honor of our police and law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep our families and communities safe. These men and women are heroes who deserve our deepest appreciation and strongest support for their commitment to protect and serve Iowans.

Q&A: Thank our local police


Q: What is National Police Week?

Q&A: Holocaust Remembrance Day, never forget

Q: What’s the Antisemitism Awareness Act?

Delivering results is my promise to Iowa

From our wide-open border to our struggling economy, our country is in crisis under the Biden administration. Since President Biden took office, cumulative inflation has exceeded 19 percent, gas prices have risen, known terrorists and millions of illegal immigrants have unlawfully crossed our border and drug traffickers have snuck through the cracks and flooded our communities with deadly Chinese-manufactured fentanyl.

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