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Reason for early dismissals at the H-LP Elementary School

Did you know the classes at Harris-Lake Park Elementary School were dismissed by noon several times during the first couple weeks of school because of extreme temperatures in the elementary classrooms? Having a classroom of students in a room where the temperatures were in the mid-80 degree range even before noon is not considered to be conducive to learning or in the best interest of the students’ health.

Update: Sex slavery in Iowa


I had the opportunity to view the documentary movie "Gridshock." Months ago, I reported on the movie "The Sound of Freedom," which showed the danger of sex trafficking and in that essay, I said we should stop calling it trafficking and call it what it is, slavery. The documentary "Gridshock" is another movie that talks a lot about sex slavery but in this case, it is centered on slavery in Iowa. It is eye opening to say the least.

Q&A: Every red cent counts

Q: What’s your take on the budgeting process in Washington?


33 trillion reasons to restore fiscal responsibility in Congress


What does the Bible say about how to acquire wealth?

By Kurt Trucksess - CrossWinds Church

Many of us are looking for ways to build wealth and prepare for tomorrow. What does the Bible say are the wrong ways to acquire wealth? What does the Bible say are the right ways to acquire wealth? What are some reasons Christians run financially short? Let’s find answers.

A community mourns

Editorial cartoons aren't always a visually punchy point about people and politics. Sometimes they're just the confession of communal grief. Such was the case this week.

What will you choose?


There is a wide gap between true selfishness and true selflessness. But the two concepts are separated by a hard line, a line that comes down to one of two choices.

Do for others, or do for myself.

Build, or tear down.

Believe, or doubt.

Trust, or forsake.

Protect, or attack.

Don't sequester plant food

Is oxygen a pollutant? If not, then carbon dioxide cannot be a pollutant as well. Oxygen is produced by plants. To thrive, plants need water, soil nutrients, sunlight and carbon dioxide. Some would suggest we need to reduce carbon dioxide (plant food) in the air. Some say greenhouse gasses are bad. Yes, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but are greenhouse gasses bad? Do we really know what the ideal amount of carbon dioxide should be in the air?

Misguided gov’t proposal targets ‘vexatious’ people By Randy Evans

Many decades ago, Mrs. Gentry and Mr.

Combating President Biden’s electric vehicle mandates

Since the beginning of his administration, President Biden has weaponized the heavy hand of government to tilt the scale in favor of policies that he supports – absent any congressional action or approval whatsoever.

Harvest time

By Pastor Perry Aalgaard, First Lutheran Church

Riding the line


Another round of gas pains

Before I dive in, let me take a moment to wish my life, Leah, a happy 34th anniversary. I know, many of you are wondering, how could you put up with her for more than three decades … sorry, that’s probably the other way around. Six kids, three weddings, one engagement and 10 grandchildren later, here we sit. Thank you for standing beside me through all these health challenges. Perhaps for should have paid closer attention to the “in sickness and in health” clause in our marriage agreement.

Judicial ethics in Iowa differ from Washington ethics


There were more disclosures in recent days in the ongoing saga involving the ethical standards of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court — or, more accurately, the lack of ethical standards.

With each new disclosure about our nation’s highest court, the reputations of justices here on the Iowa Supreme Court take on more luster — and deservedly so.

What I’ve learned on my Feenstra Agriculture Tour

When I was elected to represent Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, I made a solemn promise to Iowa farmers and producers that I would be the strongest voice for agriculture and our farm families in Congress. From the Farm Bill to energy policy, I believe that the hardworking men and women who feed and fuel our country deserve a loud voice and a seat at the table when lawmakers craft legislation that impacts their livelihoods and pocketbooks.

The modern person

Session - First Presbyterian Church, Lake Park

Who is your friend? Does the friendship you have seem secure, always there, no worries of this friendship ever thinking of not being there? There are friends who pretend to be friends, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother — Proverbs 18:24.

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